Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga with Vrnda online

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Vrnda’s upcoming weekly classes will incorporate Patanjali’s 2nd chapter of the Yoga Sutra’s,  exploring  universal and ethical guidelines, asana,, breath extension, drawing the senses inward, concentration, meditation and unity..

Bringing freedom and personal transformation through alignment with universal principIes,

Living in harmony with ourselves & other beings, cultivating our highest selves, promotes  re-establishment of our relationship with the Divine..

*Patanjali taught that these practices could help alleviate human afflictions that cause suffering.

YAMAS (Social Ethics) (week of)
Ahimsa non-violence, compassion January 15
Satya truthfulness, integrity January 22
Asteya non-stealing January 29
Brahmacharya moderation February 5
Aparigraha non-hoarding February 12
NIYAMAS (Personal Ethics)
Sauca cleanliness, purity February 19
Santosha contentment February 26
Tapas discipline, burning desire March 5
Svadyaya self-study March 12
Ishvara-Pranidhana surrender March 19
Asana posture March 26
Pranayama extension of breath April 2
Pratyahara drawing senses inward April 9
Dharana concentration April 16
Dyana meditation April 23
Samadhi unity April 30