“Vrnda, I left your class feeling the perfect balance of challenged and nourished.  Your graceful weaving of teachings from the yogic texts into the class really deepened the asana practice for me.  I so appreciate the gentleness and depth of wisdom I experienced in your teaching and the light that you infused into the class.
Years of deep personal practice and devotion to your path is palpable in your transmission.” –
 Dr. Rebecca Miki, ND, Acupuncturist, Ashland

“Vrnda’s classes emphasizing the eight limbs of yoga, transformed the way I live my life. Living has now become an ever-increasing and fulfilling journey.” – Ron Marchetti, Building Designer, Ashland

“Vrnda is sensitive, compassionate, competent and caring. My session with her left me with a renewed sense of balance and symmetry. I think her work wonderfully facilitates life changes and issue resolution.” – Dr. Stephen Bender, Chiropractor, Ashland

“Working with Vrnda has provided me with an experience of healing connection with my core and my entire being. I found my teacher to be intuitive, loving and highly professionally trained.” – Dr. Patricia Miya, Psychotherapist, Torrance, CA

“It was an incredible experience for me. I gained profound benefit.” – Datta Groover, Writer, public speaker, Ashland

“I recommend Vrnda both as a teacher and as a therapist. Her approach to Yoga Therapy is sensitive, nurturing and powerfully effective…a healing, unifying experience for body, mind and spirit.”  – Richard Silverman, Hakomi Therapist, LMT  Ashland